Evening news headlines from Jerusalem - March 5, 2018

March 5, 2018

Evening news headlines from Jerusalem - March 5, 2018

Report: Former Netanyahu aide, Nir Chefetz, told investigators Netanyahu 'endangered national security' by deferring to wife, Sara, and son, Yair, against the advice of Israel’s security services

PM Netanyahu's son, Yair, to be questioned by police 

Haaretz: Chefetz will give to police his recordings of Netanyahu

Netanyahu: Statements attributed to Chefetz 'utter nonsense,'; says Chafetz 'totally excluded from intelligence, political, or security information' for more than 7 years.

President Trump 'may' attend opening of US Embassy in Jerusalem in May; says 'if Palestinians don't return to the table, there won't be peace'

Finance Minister Moshe Cahlaon says if budget doesn’t pass, he will not remain in the coalition


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